6 lug 2014

 Nothing new above the horizon.  Everybody have to remove the wax from your surfboard something so there are some special persons (read 'fool') like myself who like to arrange tons of used dirty wax in bigger and bigger balls of wax, expecially after years of longboard waxing... Anything that have a sense!

Anyway I reused the old surf wax by filtering it into new usable, mixed grade surf wax.
The point is not to avoid buying new surf wax, but giving a new chance to re-use and re-cycle it expecially good for summer surfing. 

Do it at your own risk. Here we go by collecting the necessary: a plastic pot, a piece of waxed paper, a fine filter (plastic one for microwave!) and obviously some used wax. The beer is good, not mandatory but could help!

Pour some water in a sauce pan and let it boiling on the cooker. I do it old school but remember you should need everything plastic using microwave.

Arrange some waxed paper into the plastic pot to easily remove the filtered wax after finishing and put everything in the water.
Add some pieces of old wax in the filter and let it go. Add more pieces as you like.

You can also add some flavour, but mine are all already gone...

After all the wax is melted, the dirt and the sand and (almost) whatever inside remains in the filter and it's done!
Turn off fire and let everything to cool. Once you remove the filtered wax from the waxed paper you can use it

It could be good for candles too, but that's another story.

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