There's nothing to do about old stuff then thrash it in a memory bin.
A brand new fresh force fly all over my pencils, brushes and cutters, and I want to follow the course with no reason to look back.
This means a fresh look to my own web approach, mostly focused on draw/paint/graphics then other stuff.

I want to build up a new face for the website as soon, whoever stay in touch for all the news!

Canvas or wooden base? This is a question. Anyway I choose wooden for solid approach to the new series of painting. Before starting I drip some small waves on cardboard paper to get into the flow.

The new project could be a little fancy to the most. 
And probably it is, but I'm looking into an action painted movement about boundary layer flow around an object like a aircraft wing profile at high angle.
Paint wants to simulate the distribution of the air pressure.
I like to reach the solution without painting the boundary layer classic image but 
trying to let the liquid paint following the direction of the flow.
The search is on. The results could be little better each time.
As always the base idea is speed and impact force representation.

#160706# - boundary layer

#160705# boundary steam 1 - benefit auctioned at La Seravezziana art show

...Some visitors wanted a closer view of the workspace from above

I do not mean to make a food blog, that's a fact. Anyway I share some points...

Cherry time! It's here, fresh cherry from the tree outside the door... a new life was born.

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San Miniato, CRA Centro Raccolta Arte

See full text by Roberto Milani

Latest creations as lap steel guitars, both electric

I spent few time on building some prototipes of lap guitar, base on common design, 6 strings easy and done!

A brand new graphics project comes to life while a swell is coming but it's too windy to get out.

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Original watercolors & ink Sketch illustration
collection 2010-2012

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Anything but Three Contest coming soon @ Pontile Forte dei Marmi

Special prize by the local shaper and surfing legend Michele Puliti

check out

Update on the new painting series Cinematic Possibilities, about barrelling waves.
More works to display soon , enquiries and info please email

Pushing on rapresentation of speed and evolving lines.

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Here Two brand new different variations of a post-rockish-depression

draft recordings, pre edit for a Psychedelia and languish post folk droning lap slide.

and a bit of aMbiance droning math physics

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dynamic view of an exhibition

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Brand new clip from 15 Seconds series  season 1

music SoundFromNoWhere

video & editing Mpacked Prods


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Just an hilarious breakout.
Originally intended as a formal #OshO style retreat, suddenly evolved in a Friend portrait as a Young Artistry.


Continuing to relay the brand new series of miniclips
developed for the original square instagram format.

Here the full framed versions (low res) on youtube. Check out the webisodes playlist here.

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Abstraction and interference. Mpacked relays the brand new series of miniclips
developed for the original square instagram format.

Here the full versions (low res) on youtube

Check out the webisodes playlist here

Full editing short movie cartoon available from Mpacked DESIGN

Cartoon from Shape Video on Vimeo.

Presented by ShapeVideo, "Wipeout" brand new cartoon short movie packaged from mPacked design,  first of a new series of cartoon tales.
How many stories abot fallingand being knocked off the surfboard even when riding a perfect wave , The most outstanding and impressive tale in Surfing... not that easy to drop in a cardboard wave!
This clip is interely done with pencil drawings and stop-motion footage, fully supported by original music soundtrack.
The purpose in to easily describe a surf session in little paradise of waves. But like all dreams, sometimes...
Subject and pencils: Marco Mazzini
Original Music: SoundFromNoWhere
Pencils and subject: Marco Mazzini
Original Music: SoundFrom NoWhere
HD Editing and Distribution: Shape Video


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