10 set 2014

Full editing short movie cartoon available from Mpacked DESIGN

Cartoon from Shape Video on Vimeo.

Presented by ShapeVideo, "Wipeout" brand new cartoon short movie packaged from mPacked design,  first of a new series of cartoon tales.
How many stories abot fallingand being knocked off the surfboard even when riding a perfect wave , The most outstanding and impressive tale in Surfing... not that easy to drop in a cardboard wave!
This clip is interely done with pencil drawings and stop-motion footage, fully supported by original music soundtrack.
The purpose in to easily describe a surf session in little paradise of waves. But like all dreams, sometimes...
Subject and pencils: Marco Mazzini
Original Music: SoundFromNoWhere
Pencils and subject: Marco Mazzini
Original Music: SoundFrom NoWhere
HD Editing and Distribution: Shape Video


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