10 mag 2016

Latest creations as lap steel guitars, both electric

I spent few time on building some prototipes of lap guitar, base on common design, 6 strings easy and done!

The first one comes with  mahogany and mixed light timbers tonal chamber.
It's hollow body underneath all the "fretboard". Gibson style diapason.
steel nut and bridge and a paf humbucking pickup for bluegrass moder styles and more blues rock oriented tones


 The second one I called the "HEX", born and based on "the plank", the very first experiment (first pics below).

 It's a rough mahogany plank, with a cavity from the solid wood underneath the fretboard.
It's equipped with bone nut and squared solid steel bridge from an allen hex key and strings though body. Highly resonant.
Antiquity pickup humbucking for smoth tones and a giant wheel pot for swells. I used this wild beauty for ambient/post rockish tones. Longer diapason.

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