28 lug 2016

Canvas or wooden base? This is a question. Anyway I choose wooden for solid approach to the new series of painting. Before starting I drip some small waves on cardboard paper to get into the flow.

The new project could be a little fancy to the most. 
And probably it is, but I'm looking into an action painted movement about boundary layer flow around an object like a aircraft wing profile at high angle.
Paint wants to simulate the distribution of the air pressure.
I like to reach the solution without painting the boundary layer classic image but 
trying to let the liquid paint following the direction of the flow.
The search is on. The results could be little better each time.
As always the base idea is speed and impact force representation.

#160706# - boundary layer

#160705# boundary steam 1 - benefit auctioned at La Seravezziana art show

...Some visitors wanted a closer view of the workspace from above

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